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Power Drainage & Plumbing Services : NO CALL OUT CHARGE : Essex, London


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Power Drainage & Plumbing Services : NO CALL OUT CHARGE : Essex, London

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Power Drainage & Plumbing Services:

Services: Drainage

We have invested in our equipment to ensure that it will do the job and will solve your drainage problem fast and easy.


All of our vans are fully equipped, including a high pressure water jet system designed to apply strong jets of water through your drainage pipes and remove any obstruction from inside the pipe wall. The obstructions will be flushed out of the pipe and your drains will be free flowing again.


The range of drainage services we offer include:


All Blockages & Leaks

Sinks; Toilets; Urinals; Bathwaste Pipes; Showers; Rainwater Pipes; Drains

Gutters & Gulleys

Root Removal Excavation

Manholes & Cover Replacements

CCTV Surveys & Reports

Descaling; Line Cleaning

Manual Rodding; Emergency Drain Clearance

Insurance Work; Drain Inspection

Sump Cleaning; High Pressure Water Jetting

Fat Interceptor Clean Outs & Flood Work

We offer competitive prices, excellent service,

full invoicing & reports

+ All our work is 100% Guaranteed +


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Power Drainage are members of BNI Business 4 Business (UK). BNI is a worldwide group of business and professional people who having vetted each other's standards, meet regularly to do business and pass business on. So whatever your need from legal or accountancy advice to burst pipes and troublesome fuse boxes, a member of BNI will be able to help you. Please contact us for a personal recommendation and we'll be happy to find someone to help you.

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